Shelagh Brawand

Editing • Proofreading

Mrs Shelagh Margaret Brawand-Fraser
Phone: 031 829 15 57


Teaching in English, Bernese-German, German, French, sign-language and biblical texts.
Exhibiting at painting and art exhibitions, Berne
Voluntary serving in old people’s home cafeteria & church in Berne

Secretarial and administrative positions in:

  • sectors of various types of English church work including child protection, Berne, using Word and Excel
  • Mutterberatung in Wohlen bei Bern
  • Berne’s Scottish Country Dancing Club
  • energy and power in centrally-planned economies, Berne (editress info service)
  • Swiss printing industry (for husband), Berne
  • international civil service medical consultant recruitment (WHO), Geneva
  • Canadian trust management, Jersey, Channel Islands (C.I.)
  • commodities on stock exchange for Austrian businessman, Mayfair, London
  • aviation (air taxi) for Norwegian pilot, Jersey, C.I.
  • hotel reception and bookkeeping in Jersey, C.I.
  • electrical engineering, Glasgow, Scotland

Serving in bar & hotel restaurant, allrounder in B&B on Arran, Scotland
Machine operator in plastics factories, Scotland
Competitor in golf tournaments. GCIU, Interlaken Voluntary Contact Person for Canton Berne for
Home manageress, mother and wife
English- and Swiss-German-speaking
Personal Assistant/chauffeuse, secretary, proof-reader/editress
Translator (German to English)
Teacher of English for Adults– also tailor-made private coach (negotiable)

Visit my language school: Kirchgemeindehaus, 3033 Wohlen: = Alle Stufen = GER/CEF-A1 851 = GER/CEF-B1

CV available on request