Kali Tal, PhD

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I am an editor and grant writer at the Bern Institute for Primary Care at the University of Bern, where I edit scientific and medical papers. I also design and teach courses on scientific writing at the Bühlplatz Library FBB. You can find a list of my recent editorial credits here.

As a freelancer, I edit academic articles and books in the social sciences and humanities, as well as the sciences, and have worked in fields ranging from legal studies, to political science, sociology, anthropology, ethnic studies and literature. I’ve also edited fiction and poetry.  I offer instruction in science and academic writing, and coach those who wish to present papers or reports in English at professional conferences or meetings. 

I do edit for grammar and style, but I am primarily a content editor. I specialize in strengthening the narratives of academic papers, and can reorganize content to present ideas in a more compelling fashion. As a scientific editor, I have a clear understanding of the functions served by each section of a paper (IMRaD: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion), and an excellent record of assisting authors with successful submissions to high-impact journals. If you have a paper or book manuscript and would like a quote, please send a query and a writing sample to me via email.  All manuscripts will be treated as confidential.

Freelance Rates:

  • Editing: 100 Euro or CHF 120 per hour. There is a 50 Euro or CHF 60 hourly surcharge for rush jobs (last minute jobs that require I work nights or over weekends). The amount of time it will take me to edit your paper will depend on its length and the amount of work I will need to do to improve it.  If you send me a copy of your manuscript, I can estimate the cost of the job, and you can decide if you want to go forward with it.  I request a 50% deposit when we agree on an estimate, and the rest is due upon completion.
  • Advanced English skills: CHF 100/hour.
  • Presentation Coaching: CHF 100/hour.
  • Workshops: Writing a Journal Article… and Getting It Published (Tim Albert Method, 3-day workshop): 3500 Euro or CHF 4225, plus travel expenses. Tim Albert Method, 1-day workshop: 1500 Euro or CHF 1875. Sentences for Scientists: Constructing Sentences and Paragraphs in English (1 day workshop): 1200 Euro or CHF 1500, plus travel expenses.

Workshops: I offer writing workshops in academic settings, for researchers at the graduate and post-graduate level who publish in English. These courses are designed to improve the organization, style, and narrative power of draft manuscripts, and are appropriate for both native and non-native English speakers.

  • Writing a Journal Article… And Getting It Published: This one- or three-day course was designed by Tim Albert. His pragmatic and focused method for successful scientific writing and publication has been taught and used around the world. I am a certified trainer for the course, which can be taught as either a one- or two-day workshop. This course works best for researchers who have finished collecting and analyzing data, and who want to quickly move through the process of writing up and submitting their work.
  • Sentences for Scientists: I developed this one-day course to meet the very specific needs of non-native English speakers who are required to publish in English in the hard and social sciences.  I quickly and effectively train writers to express themselves with both accuracy and precision. Learn to strip out unnecessary verbiage, write arguments that flow gracefully and logically, and summarize your points with strength and clarity. This course is intended for English learners at the advanced-intermediate level and above.  But even those who consider themselves fluent will learn new tricks for streamlining and strengthening the narrative of scientific papers.

I package these two courses into an intensive week-long, concept-to-submission writing workshop that includes my editorial services. Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of scholars in the natural sciences, social sciences, or the humanities. I can also add a module that addresses the special challenges that writing in English poses to German native speakers. I offer similar concept-to-submission courses in the social sciences and the humanities.  Contact me if you’d like me to tailor a course to the needs of your program, department, or institute.

Please contact me for workshop rates. I work both in and outside of Switzerland, and am happy to travel anywhere in the world if my schedule allows it.Native language: English.  I speak German at an intermediate level, and can read German and Spanish.

Certification: Tim Albert Writing Method 

Related degrees: 

  • B.A., American Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz.
  • Ph.D., American Studies, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.