Music & Languages


Music instruction

Music instruction can range from basic skills in note reading and rhythm, to finger skills and hand coordination for piano players, to interpretation of the feeling, shades and colors of music for performers.

Members who provide music instruction:

Lena Kurkdjian


Language instruction

Many professions now use English as their primary language. A basic knowledge of English is often not enough to communicate effectively. Good communication skills include not only knowing what you want to say, but how best to say it. Cultural issues can also arise for non-native speakers.

The best way to optimize your English is to have a teacher or coach who is not only a native speaker but is also familiar with your profession or needs, and who can customize lessons accordingly. Such lessons comprise lively discussions that incorporate target vocabulary, appropriate reading material, strategic grammar review and writing assistance.

People who are required to do public speaking can benefit from training in the use of their voice.

Members who provide language instruction: