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Writers are communicators. They collect information about a particular topic and transmit it to a particular audience. Good writers are able to communicate clearly and logically, without using unnecessary words. Reporters are writers who transmit information about a particular event, often producing text to meet a deadline, or who cover a particular topic, referred to as a “beat”.

In Switzerland, many people speak and write in English. International companies use English as a common language for communication among employees. Websites have English translations. Advertisers use English because it’s considered trendy. Unfortunately, many people in Switzerland misuse English, and aren’t aware that they are making mistakes which may not communicate the content or meaning they intend.

The range of projects and products which can benefit from the services of native English-speaking writers is endless. Among them: congress coverage, magazine articles, annual reports for businesses, and website text. Do you need help with an English-language project? Contact one of the BERNnet writers listed below.

Members who are writers or reporters: