Editing & Proofreading

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Have you ever written a sentence in English, read it over, and thought to yourself: “Something just isn’t right”? It’s difficult enough to write error-free text in your native language. For most people, writing error-free text in a foreign language is a major challenge.

Do you usually ask an English-speaking co-worker to proofread your documents? Unfortunately, not all native English speakers are good writers—most people have only basic knowledge of grammar, and few have a true “ear” for the language. If you want to increase the chances that your text is perfect, you need the services of an English language editor.

As a first step, an editor will proofread your text, checking punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. At the next level, your editor will correct your grammar, identify repetitive passages, suggest changes in the structure of individual sentences, and rewrite and reorganize sections of your text. Editors with knowledge of specialized topics might also ensure that you’ve followed style guidelines and consistently used technical terms.

You’ve made a considerable effort to produce your text. Don’t settle for a final version that’s less than perfect! Below you’ll find a list of BERNnet members with editing experience in a range of fields. Members who edit and proofread: